Are antiperspirants safe for pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings many changes in the life of a future mother. One of the most important lifestyle modifications refers to the use of cosmetics. Since most beauty products contain a large amount of chemicals, it is recommended that a pregnant woman should use less makeup, deodorants and perfume than usually.

There is a short list of products that are perfectly safe to apply during pregnancy. One of them is Driclor, a roll-on applicator that eliminates heavy sweating – one of the most common annoyances for pregnant women. Because of its low chemical composition, this product is validated for both pregnancy and the lactation stage.

How antiperspirants work

Sweating is a biological function of the human body that acts as a response to exterior pressure or physical effort. For some people this process takes place with no reason at all. These individuals struggle to maintain a dry skin and they are usually avoided by other people because of their foul odour and their moist palms. This disorder is called hyperhidrosis and it can only be cured by a powerful antiperspirant like Driclor Roll-On that you can find on This topical applicator acts as a coating for the pores and prevents the excessive water from coming to the surface.

As stated on Wikipedia, most antiperspirants are composed of alcohol and Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate. The latter is a powerful substance that puts the sweating glands in a dormant state and allows your skin to breathe easily. Driclor uses a larger dose of this compound to ensure the reduction of excessive exudation with at least 65%. Taken on a long-term period, this cure for hyperhidrosis can permanently solve you perspiration problems.

Which cosmetic chemicals are unsafe during pregnancy?

Are antiperspirants safe for pregnancyMany of the antiperspirants present on the market right now pose a serious risk for millions of unknowing, young mothers. This is mainly due to their chemical-rich composition. Some of the substances used today in beauty products have a big chance of altering the health of both the mother and the foetus. One of them is Triclosan – an antibacterial chemical that can potentially alter the hormonal balance and lead to growth issues for the child.

Other antiperspirants contain damaging amounts of substances like Zinc, Parabens and Propylene glycol. Since no woman is ready to go for 9 full months without using an underarm deodorant, a safe alternative had to be found. This has led to a series of clinical tests made on Driclor to ensure the efficiency of this solution against excessive perspiration. The results were impressive: not only does this product reduce the level of moisture, but it does so with no adverse side effects.

How to eliminate hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis can only be eliminated with a long-term treatment of Driclor Roll-On. The good thing about this treatment for sweating is that you do not have to interrupt it during your pregnancy. This way, you can continue the complete restoration of your dry skin without the fear of side effects. Order this product today and benefit from its antiperspirant performance available for every type of skin!